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Magnet Buddy Advantage

Being one of the leading manufacturers, designers, printers and retail suppliers of promotional magnets all over USA , we only give real promises of shortest turnaround and lowest price guarantee, which is often proclaimed by many , but preached by a few! With Magnets Buddy -

  • You can stop worrying about delays, high costs and worst quality – Because you are directly dealing with one of the largest manufacturers of advertising magnets in USA, which means there are no hidden fees, manufacturing fiascos or shipping delays.
  • You can expect huge discounts on bulk purchases - Being one of the leading manufacturers of personalized magnets, we buy our supplies in bulk at discounted prices. And try to pass the same savings to clients, who wish to purchase with us in bulk!
  • You can expect totally apt customized magnets at lowest prices - Unlike many of our competitors, we are only offer magnets, magnets and magnets! We can proudly proclaim that there are magnets for each thought or emotion or requirement. And the same lowest price term applies to each of them. This total dedication to magnetic advertising has helped us to deliver the maximum savings to all our customers.
  • You can expect free processing on all reorders – For us a business relationship extends even beyond an order and we work hard to maintain such relationships. All reorders are processed for free and our team ensures that a client again comes back with that appreciation.
Things to do before you challenge the lowest price guarantee -
  • Compare the prices – We only guarantee lowest base price for magnets of same size (as found on any of our competitor’s website), however other factors may vary.
  • Send us the proof – Once you find our claims being contested by any other competitor with their base prices even lower than ours and then feel free to contact us with the requisite proof. Send us the link of the offer or any other proof within a month of receiving your order. If your order is in processing stage, then we can offer you 10% cash back or if it’s already processed, then we can send you the 10% refund check within a month.

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How do we know that magnets offered by you are of genuine quality?

Don't get fooled away by the concept of thicker magnets. Most of the magnet manufacturers produce magnets with higher rubber content and lesser magnetic material and charge higher. However, we offer ONLY THICKER MAGNETIC MATERIAL at COST EFFECTIVE PRICES. Also, all our magnets are MADE IN USA using high quality magnetic material.

What shipping facilities do you offer?

We offer Fed EX and Standard Overnight shipping.

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