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Sports Schedule Magnets

Sports Schedule Magnets

Gift your clients, what they expect! Yes, you can always win attention of a prospective client by gifting them custom sports schedule magnets because sport is always a sensitive fuel for many Americans. This collection features value effective personalized sports team magnets including 2013 NBA magnets, NFL magnets, which appeals most of the sports loving Americans. These promotional sports refrigerator magnets make a great giveaway during open houses, sports events, shopping fests, and other events, where huge turnout is expected. Sports Magnets For Cars - No matter whatever sport you favor, we have answers for them all. Browse through this collection of magnetic sports schedules 2013 -2014 to know more about current trends.

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How do we know that magnets offered by you are of genuine quality?

Don't get fooled away by the concept of thicker magnets. Most of the magnet manufacturers produce magnets with higher rubber content and lesser magnetic material and charge higher. However, we offer ONLY THICKER MAGNETIC MATERIAL at COST EFFECTIVE PRICES. Also, all our magnets are MADE IN USA using high quality magnetic material.

What shipping facilities do you offer?

We offer Fed EX and Standard Overnight shipping.

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