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Clip Magnets

Clip Magnets

What’s an indulgent, cost effective and trendy way to hold attention? Custom clip magnets! Yes, definitely it’s a trendier way to hold an attention for a long time. Colorful Promotional clip refrigerator magnets imprinted with logo symbols often passes as an office stationary and a prime brand building symbol. Customized paper clip magnets can be used to trigger brand consciousness amongst employees or to stir brand consciousness amongst targeted customers/clients. Magnetic clips offered here in typical square, circle, house shapes or as an add-on with business card make a great giveaway during trade shows, corporate picnics, and other promotional events.

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Custom Power Clip Oval
as low as $1.28
Model : MB421091
Custom Circle Power Clip
as low as $0.81
Model : MB421090
Custom Business Card Magnets with Clip
as low as $0.83
Model : MB421089
Custom Power Clip Ribbon
as low as $0.90
Model : MB421092
Custom Printed Magnet w/ Clip Phone
as low as $0.84
Model : MB421103
Magnet w/ Clip Star
as low as $0.74
Model : MB421104
Custom IT Business Card Magnets with Clip
as low as $0.83
Model : MB421106

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How do we know that magnets offered by you are of genuine quality?

Don't get fooled away by the concept of thicker magnets. Most of the magnet manufacturers produce magnets with higher rubber content and lesser magnetic material and charge higher. However, we offer ONLY THICKER MAGNETIC MATERIAL at COST EFFECTIVE PRICES. Also, all our magnets are MADE IN USA using high quality magnetic material.

What shipping facilities do you offer?

We offer Fed EX and Standard Overnight shipping.

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